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    BroadSword Monthly Extra Attack Kickstarter is Live!

    BroadSword is a D&D 5e compatible monthly 150+ page book from DMDave and assorted collaborators. It’s packed with lots of 5e content, and great indie art. And most importantly, the design and layout is by yours truly! If you like the look and feel of old school D&D rags from the 80s and 90s, but play the most current version of the game, this monthly book is right up your alley. Four issue have been published so far, and many more are on the way. Jump into the Kickstarter now, and the massive Compendium will be avab to you, depending on the backer level you choose. Check it out: https://buff.ly/38OgTG7

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  • Broadsword Monthly
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    Introducing BroadSword Monthly!

    Exciting news! Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dave Hamrick of DMDave.com, and Justin David Russel of Epic Werkes Studio, on their new role playing game magazine, BroadSword Monthly. I’ve been tasked with the layout and art design for the magazine! We’ve been toiling away for months to bring this new magazine to print, and hopefully folks enjoy it! BroadSword is packed full of adventures and campaigns for D&D 5th ed, but has the old school look and feel of TSR’s magazines in the 90s that I grew up with. It’s available in both print and PDF format. Check this out for more info, including how to order…

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    The Taxman Cometh Sale!

    The grim spirit of the 16th Amendment manifests for all Americans this month, and what better way to celebrate than with a sale! Save 10% on all collectible and vintage hobby games at The Vault of Wonders eBay store from April 2-15!