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From Grenadier to Oblivion: Julie Guthrie’s Fantasy Personalities Miniatures

Heinrich and Dieter cautiously advanced up the cracked stone steps of the dungeon chamber. The adventurers paused and listened intently… faint shuffling and snorting sounds echoed from the far end of the room, beyond the wide staircase, beyond the thick shadows. The duo, tense with excitement, prepared to rush up the remaining stairs to take the beast unawares. Dieter raised his lantern and drew back the shutter as they burst headlong into the upper chamber. Startled by the sudden bright beam of the lantern, the Minotaur hefted his axe and bellowed!

What better way to play out your Dungeons & Dragons adventures than with metal miniatures on a set of old school dungeon tiles! Sure, imagination is great and all, but it sure doesn’t hurt to help it along with some nice props on the ol’ gaming table. For decades, players of D&D and other fantasy role playing games have sought “that perfect figure” for their characters and their foes.

Many sculptors and miniatures companies have released figures for use with role playing games, but some of the most interesting and characterful miniatures by far are the Fantasy Personalities line by renowned sculptor Julie Guthrie.

Released from 1987 onward, the miniatures are incredibly detailed, especially for the time. Later restyled as Fantasy Personalities I, the product codes range from 801 to 899. 

Fantasy Personalities I was followed in 1993 by Fantasy Personalities II, with more excellent sculpts. These miniatures codes range from 8101 to 8163.

When Grenadier Miniatures closed its doors, Emperor’s Choice Miniatures purchased the molds and rights to produce the miniatures. Emperor’s Choice released the miniatures as part of its Arduin role playing game line. The series of Arduin Miniatures branded packs we offer in The Vault are from this time, around 1999. Handily, the product codes have been kept uniform from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the sculpts are still crisp and clean.

In addition to re-releasing the 800 and 8100 series, Emperor’s Choice also released a number of the miniatures from the original Grenadier The Lords of Light and The Lords of Decay boxed sets by Julie Guthrie, as product codes 8801-8820. 

After 1999, the Fantasy Personalities lines have been offered by the likes of Mega Minis and Center Stage Miniatures. Unfortunately, with the dissolution of Center Stage Miniatures, Julie Guthrie’s classic Fantasy Personalities miniatures are currently out of production.

Luckily, The Vault of Wonders offers a fine collection of out of print Fantasy Personalities miniatures!