1/72 US M2A2

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The Bradley, built by United Defense, is the well-established infantry fighting vehicle of the USA. Such vehicles in Iraq are now typically fitted with a tiled ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) kit for added protection against the bombs and RPGs of Iraqi insurgents. The frontal, side and turret ERA is fully represented. This popular modern subject is highly detailed, with all necessary components are included like the TOW launcher and the sophisticated turret.
BAE Systems M2 BradleyThe M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle is designed to be fast; it can reach a top speed of 40 miles per hour, can cross any terrain, and transitions to amphibious mode in five minutes. It is used to scout enemy positions and transport troops into hostile territory, while simultaneously providing fire cover to troops and suppressing enemy tanks. The M2 holds a crew of three: a commander, a gunner and a driver and seven fully-equipped soldiers. The 25 mm cannon fires up to 200 rounds per minute and is accurate up to 2500 meters.

Dragon's 1:72 scale M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle is constructed almost entirely of die-cast plastic, which allows for the greatest possible level of detailing. The mold features a rotating turret with elevating cannon. Hatches, hinges, amour plating and turret are all stunningly accurate, and the same level of detailing has been applied to the vehicle's track system. Further enhancement techniques such as the application of subtle airbrushed weathering effects, hand-painted tools and lights along with pad-printed unit markings provide a finishing touch.

Perfect for 20mm modern skirmish miniatures games such as Force on Force or Ambush Alley.

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