Stegadon (plastic)

The Vault of Wonders

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Condition: Brand new, sealed.

Notes: 2009 Games Workshop 


Stegadons are a race of mighty beasts with massive horns protruding from armored crests, and bodies covered in spikes and bony armor. Their tails are heavy and often clubbed or barbed, and can be swung with devastating force. These behemoths are amongst the very largest of all the beasts that dwell in Lustria and are terrifying in battle, crushing anything beneath their massive bulk to a bloody pulp.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Lizardman Stegadon. This large model can be assembled with a giant bow, giant blowpipes or an Engine of the Gods, and includes: five Skink Crew, a Skink Chief and a Skink Priest. Model supplied with 50mm x100mm base.

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