Traveller Tarsus box set

The Vault of Wonders

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Condition: Box has shelf wear and a slight pressure mark on the back. Interior components are in excellent shape. Character cards are unpunched. Game is complete.

Notes: 1983 Game Designers Workshop 


A Traveller Adventure Module with detailed information on a complete star system, the primary world, and a set of adventures related to this world.

Included items:


  • A 24 page World Data: Tarsus book with sections on the Tarsus System, World Data, Life Forms, World History, Government, Military, Available Equipment, and Library Data. Also includes a set of animal encounter tables.
  • A 4 page adventure 1. Openings referee scenario sheet with information on player characters, arrival in system, visits to the gas giant and moons, the starport, and initial activities.
  • A 4 page adventure 2. Nobble Ranch referee scenario sheet with information on nobles and ranches and an adventure.
  • A 4 page adventure 3. SuSAG referee scenario sheet with information on this megacorporation's activities on Tarsus and an adventure.
  • A 4 page adventure 4. The People of the Forest referee scenario sheet consisting of an adventure involving an expedition into the forest.
  • A 4 page adventure 5. Endgames referee scenario sheet with further adventure seeds, weather on Tarsus, and ideas for extending the other scenarios.


  • An 11" x 17" folded, full-color world map of Tarsus.
  • An 8.5" x 11" full-color subsector map of District 268.
  • An 8.5" x 11" full-color detail map of the Tanglewald

Other Goodies

  • A full page die-cut sheet of 12 player character (or NPC) reference cards.
  • A GDW Catalog Request postcard.
  • A GDW The Traveller Series product flyer.

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