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Fantasy Adventurers Cavalry FAC12 Mounted Ninja Assassin w/ Sword B

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Condition: Brand new, sealed. Pack shows wear from 35 years of storage.

Notes:  Citadel Miniatures 


This listing is for one sealed blister pack of a Fantasy Adventurers Cavalry miniature by Citadel Miniatures.

Citadel's Fantasy Adventurers Cavalry series was first shown in the "Yellow Catalogue" (1982) as "Mounted Fantasy Adventurers" but the product coding of "FAC" revealed its alternative name of "Fantasy Adventurers Cavalry". Each figure consisted of a horse and a rider but the same horse was not consistently sold with the same rider and there are several horses not shown in the catalogs for this range. The individual figure names changed slightly in the "Blue Catalogue" (1982) and two figures were resculpted and released as new versions. When the "Dragon Catalogue" appeared in 1983, this range turned into the C33 Mounted Adventurers series.

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