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Lothlorien Ready-Made Battle Company B

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Condition: Some miniatures may be assembled, partially painted, or basecoated. Please see photo(s). All miniatures include bases.

Notes:  Games Workshop 


This is a ready-made Battle Company for the new Middle Earth Battle Companies skirmish warband game from Games Workshop. The miniatures are from the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game line. They are approximately 28mm.

These warbands have been crafted to allow players to easily begin playing Battle Companies. This is a much less expensive option than purchasing a multi-figure box set with lots of extra models you won't use. Also, some of these warbands include out of print metal miniatures that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Some listings have multiple versions available. You can tell this is the case if the listing has a quantity available greater than 1 and includes multiple photos. When purchasing, please message me indicating which version you want. If I do not receive a message I will send a random version.

This Battle Company includes the following miniatures:

Ready-Made Lothlorien Battle Company B

1x Galadhrim with Elven Blade
1x Galadhrim with Spear & Shield
1x Galadhrim with Elf Bow
1x Wood Elf with Elven Blade
1x Wood Elf with Spear
1x Wood Elf with Elf Bow

2x Galadhrim with Elven Blade
2x Galadhrim with Spear & Shield
2x Galadhrim with Elf Bow
1x Wood Elf Sentinel with Horn (metal)

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