The Battles of Waterloo war game

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Condition: Very good with a little shelf wear. Interior components are in very good condition condition. Pieces are punched.

Notes: 1994 GMT Games 


GMT’s The Battles of Waterloo covers four major battles during the Waterloo campaign: Mont Saint Jean, Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Wavre in one package, plus a campaign game. There are 3 maps included but only the campaign game needs all three. Scenarios require one to two maps.


Game features include:

  • Interactive Turn Sequence that integrates Command, Coordination and Control with play tension: the LIM (Leader Initiative Marker) system.
  • Lower-level command ability represented by Cohesion and Commitment.
  • Combined Arms approach to effective combat tactics.
  • Multi-tiered movement capabilities.
  • Grand Battery, Square, Cavalry Pursuit, Napoleon's Health, Special Chateau Defense rules

A detailed study on the Waterloo campaign, colorful, and tension-filled.

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