The Sword and the Stars war game (SPI Master Library copy)

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Condition: Shelf wear on the box. Components are in excellent condition. There are SPI stamps on many of the components. The rule book has yellow hi-lites and some errata notes, probably from someone at the SPI office.

Notes: 1981 SPI 


This game is from the Master Library of Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI). SPI had copies of all of their games plus many books etc for reference at their New York offices. Everything in the library was stamped with their address, "Simulations Publcations, Inc. 257 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010." And they didn't just stamp the boxes of their library games, they stamped all of the components! This is an extremely rare and more than likely unique piece of gaming history!

Sword and the Stars sets the stage for interstellar conflict between vying empires on such a scale (the map depicts about 1/4 of a spiral galaxy) that individual ships and even fleets become insignificant. You pay for and resolve entire interstellar campaigns with cards representing massive scale investment of manpower and resources over 4 Earth years of operations, each player round representing the passage of 20 years. Players direct the fate of interstellar empires through expansion or consolidation by means of conquests, raids, governing, building planetary defenses, commerce, and diplomacy.

The game was derived from two existing popular SPI titles. While adding many subtle changes in its own right, it combines the highly successful system used in Empires of the Middle Ages with the graphic layout used for Freedom in the Galaxy. Technology and economics are abstracted, but both play a large role in just about every aspect of the game. Stargates allow players to conduct interstellar operations against any star system, free of range constraints. This means that in an interstellar war, nowhere is safe from your enemies.

Includes a mechanism for a sort of Galactic Security Council, where players can scheme all sorts of mischief against each other.

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